The DEPPI meets the AQICESH!

On November 9, the DEPPI was invited to present its project to the members of the association québécoise interuniversitaire des conseillers aux étudiants en situation de handicap (AQICESH). This presentation, by Normand Boucher (DEPPI researcher) and Laure Sébrier (DEPPI project manager), was part of a training day for AQICESH members entitled: Après les études, l’employabilité. Une préoccupation partagée !

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The DEPPI invited by the ROSEPH!

On October 19, the DEPPI was invited to present its work at the semi-annual meeting of directors of ROSEPH member organizations. On this occasion, Charles Bellemare, senior researcher at DEPPI, presented the results of the study on discrimination against people with physical limitations.

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A researcher member of DEPPI live at RDI!

Sabine Kröger, Professor at the Department of Economics and specialist in behavioral economics, was invited by RDI to explain the work of Richard Thaler, winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize for Economics! The live interview is available on our Facebook page:

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The DEPPI meets SEMO Montérégie!

On October 5, Charles Bellemare (senior researcher at DEPPI) was invited to present the results of the study on discrimination against persons with physical limitations in the premises of SEMO Montérégie in Longueuil. SEMO Montérégie is an employment and job placement organization for people with disabilities. SEMO is a member of the ROSEPH, an active partner of the DEPPI project!

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Exceptional media coverage for the DEPPI !

Over the last few days, our first research results, dealing with discrimination against people with physical limitations, have been the subject of an exceptional media coverage!

Our study, conducted within the Quebec City and Montreal regions, shows that mentioning a physical disability on an application reduces the probability of being called back for a job interview by half. This media interest demonstrates the importance of this issue for Quebec and Canada.

Below is a list of articles, reports and interviews:

  • Article by Radio Canada with the interview of Mr. Bellemare, researcher at DEPPI (in French): click here
  • Article published in CBC News: click here
  • Article by Radio Canada (in French): click here
  • Interview with Mrs. Goussé, researcher at the DEPPI, by Guillaume Dumas in the broadcast Première heure (Radio canada): available on demand
  • Interview with Mrs. Goussé by Bruno Savard for the Radio Canada newscast: available on demand
  • Article by Journal Le Fil (in French): click here
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The DEPPI has a new partner: Groupe TAQ!

The DEPPI team is very pleased to announce its new partnership with Groupe TAQ. Groupe TAQ is an adapted company based in Québec, whose mission is to achieve the social and professional integration of people with limitations. Groupe TAQ employs more than 250 people, 70% of whom live with functional limitations.

Groupe TAQ will be a valuable partner for the DEPPI team in the research project on the integration, participation and retention of people with disabilities.

We invite you to learn more about Groupe TAQ (in French): click here.

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DEPPI discusses public policy in Ottawa!

David Donovan (left) and Elizabeth Hardy (right) – The Innovation Hub, Privy Council Office. Sabine Kröger (in the middle) – DEPPI

On March 28 and 29, Sabine Kröger, a professor in the Department of Economics at Université Laval and a member of the DEPPI project, participated in the Policy Community Conference in Ottawa. Ms. Kröger was a invited speaker on the subject of experimental economics in the context of public policy.

To learn more about the Policy Community Conference: Conference.

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