The DEPPI recognized as a sustainable health project by Alliance santé Québec!

The DEPPI has received the sustainable health project seal by Alliance santé Québec!

Alliance santé Québec is a research network that aims to increase the research and innovation performance of the greater Quebec City area in the health and social services field and maximize its positive impact on the health and well-being of the population in a perspective of sustainable health. The seal aims to recognize projects that rely on interdisciplinary and partnerships to improve the care, health and overall well-being of the population.

The DEPPI aims to gain a better understanding of the integration, participation and retention of people with disabilities in the labor market. By giving it the seal, Alliance santé Québec recognizes the multidisciplinary strength of the project and its importance for improving the employability and well-being of people with disabilities.

The DEPPI and Alliance santé Québec will jointly plan outreach activities to highlight the results of the project as well as those of other brand projects receiving the same recognition.

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DEPPI’s work discussed live at Canal M!

Charles Bellemare, senior researcher at DEPPI, was the guest of Canal M to talk about the study on discrimination in hiring persons with physical limitations.

Canal M is the Vue et Voix radio, a non-profit organization that produces audio books for people with visual, motor and learning limitations, as well as health and lifestyle radio programs.

Click here to listen to the interview (in French).

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The DEPPI in SPHERE’s newsletter!

The SPHERE organization devoted an article in its newsletter to the results of the DEPPI study on discrimination in hiring persons with disabilities.

SPHERE (Support for People with a Handicap Exploring the Road to Employment) is one of the major pan-Canadian non-profit organizations whose mission is to foster labour market integration of people in a professional disability situation, as a result of a particular physical, mental or intellectual condition.

To read the article: click here.

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DEPPI’s results presented in Germany!​

Charles Bellemare, senior researcher, presented the work of the DEPPI at a conference in the city of Ohlstadt, Germany. The subject of the conference was Natural Experiments and Controlled Field Studies. Charles Bellemare presented the results of the study on hiring discrimination against people with physical limitations.


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The DEPPI meets Société Inclusive!

Charles Bellemare (senior researcher) and Laure Sebrier (project manager) were invited by Société Inclusive on June 5th to a meeting on the theme: “Emploi et vie active des personnes handicapées, quelles sont les principales préoccupations, défis actuels et besoins?​”. This meeting was an opportunity to present the project DEPPI to field workers and discuss the reality of employment of people with disabilities.

To learn more about Société Inclusive (in French): click here.

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The DEPPI project receives a grant of nearly $ 1.6 million!

As part of Healthy and Productive Work initiative, a joint initiative of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), the DEPPI, has just received a total grant of $ 1,593,315 ($ 514,260 from SSHRC, $ 629,634 from CIHR, $ 449,421 from project partners). This grant is for a period of 5 years.

This project, under the supervision of Charles Bellemare, professor in the Department of Economics, brings together 11 researchers from different universities: Clermont Dionne, Marion Goussé, Bertrand Achou, Lacroix Guy, Sabine Kröger (Université Laval); Louise Duchesne (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières); Marie Laberge (Université de Montreal); Ann Beaton, Charles Gaucher (Université de Moncton); Sylvain Letscher (Université du Québec à Rimouski) and Normand Boucher (Interdisciplinary Center for Research in Rehabilitation and Social Integration).

The DEPPI relies on the participation of various partners who contribute to the development of projects and who actively participate in the financing, namely: the alliance des centres-conseils en emploi (AXTRA), the Center for Interuniversity Research and Analysis of Organizations (CIRANO), Groupe TAQ, HEC Montréal, the Ministère du travail, de l’emploi et de la solidarité sociale (MTESS), the Regroupement des organismes spécialisés pour l’emploi des personnes handicapées (ROSEPH) and Société Logique.

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The DEPPI’s work in PARAQUAD magazine!

The study conducted by Marie Gagnon, Véronique Garcia and Normand Boucher (members of the DEPPI) on the perception of people with disabilities with regard to support for job search has been covered in an article in Paraquad, the magazine of Moelle épinière et motricité Québec.

The article is available here (in French) or in issue 141 of Paraquad (Spring 2018).

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Our researchers get a FRQSC grant!

Bertrand Achou and Normand Boucher, both DEPPI researchers, obtained a grant from the Fonds de Recherche du Québec – Societé et Culture (FRQSC) as part of the Research Team Support Program entitled: ” Pour l’accès à des villes inclusives : partenariats et innovations en soutien à la participation sociale des personnes ayant des incapacités “. This grant is for a period of 3 years.

As a co-researcher, Bertrand Achou also received a grant from the Alzheimer Society entitled “Dementia dogs: Their impact on community-dwelling persons with mild to moderate dementia”. He also received a grant under the Inclusive Society initiative in partnership with the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation and Social Integration (CIRRIS) entitled: ” Évaluation des impacts fonctionnels et économiques d’orthèses robotisées des membres supérieurs : une étude pilote auprès d’utilisateurs de fauteuil roulant motorisé”.

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The DEPPI at the Scientific Day of REPAR-INTER 2018!

On May 11, the DEPPI was present at the Scientific Day REPAR-INTER, which was held at the Hotel Château Laurier in Quebec City.

On this occasion, Charles Bellemare, senior researcher at DEPPI, presented the results of the study on discrimination in hiring people with disabilities.
Marie Gagnon and Véronique Garcia, professional researchers at DEPPI, also presented a poster summarizing the study on the perception of the labor market by people with disabilities in employment and job search.
To learn more about this day and the REPAR: click here.​
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